Ed is the strongest member of the Eds. He is dimwitted, ambitious and gravey obsessed, he is portrayed to have characteristic randoms. Ed is mostly seen having a lack of hygiene.


Ed is tall and strong, he has yellow skin, a blue colored tongue, ginger hair, buzz cut and horse teeth. Ed is mostly seen wearings an army green jacket with brown on the inside and white sleeve stripes, he also wears a white and red striped T shirt, purple pants and large black shoes. Ed is mostly seen having a unibrow which can be removable and get ripped off by Eddy in some episodes, his eye color is recognized to be turquoise.


Ed briefly has life controlling phobias, Ed's greatest fears are soap, deodorant and any cleansing agents. Ed is also scared of broccolii (so as Eddy) and other veggietables, Ed suffers from his acrophobia (the fear of heights) when it comes to climbing the tree.


Ed is not very hygenic, he is strong and dimwitted and randomous, he has a kind personality, he has obsessions of gravey, chunky puffs, monster movies and comics and chickens. He suffers from any allergies such as rabbits, butterscotch pudding, eels, dandaelions and cats.