Edd is the young inventor, hard studier and neat freak. He is the smartest member of the Eds. He is seen covering his head in a sensible manner with balck sock like ski hat which hides a mystery.


Edd wears a red T shirt (Orange on occasions as in websites, games, artwork and the movie), purple shorts, red lanky socks, azure colored shoes and a black hat with white stripes and purple on the inside, in school days he wears a yellow striped tie and a tomato colored T shirt, in bedtimes he wears a gold colored one footed pajama piece with a white neckline and zipper, in winter he wears a brown cardigan with an olive drab neckline/sleeve patches/bottom stripe, and also wears an orange zip-up fleece coat and a chartruese colored scarf, his eye color is recognized to be green. His tongue is mint/sea green colored.

About his hatEdit

Edd is very sensitive about his hat being taken away by anyone, Edd still refuses to reveal his mystery on his head, most people that Edd could be bald, hiding a huge zit or gills (which came from Eddy telling trick on Ed).


Edd is very well-behaved and intelligent and weak,  Edd has a strong dislike on sports when it comes to the dodgeball incident.