Eddy is the self-appointed leader of The Eds.  He is the main protagonist of the Ed, Edd n Eddy series.  He is a greedy, scam-loving and a bad-tempered con-artist. He enjoys buying jawbreakers, scamming the kids out of their money.


Eddy is seen wearing a yellow polo shirt with a purple collar and hems on the sleeves and a vertical red stripe. He also wears a light blue pants like the rest of the characters, all goes well with the wallet chain and plain red shoes. In winter he wears a mustard colored jacket which resembles his usual shirt and his other winter outfit consists a lemon colored jacker with a purple horizontal stripe.  In bedtimes, he wears a purple pajama top with a yellow neckline and also the yellow pajama bottoms or just wears his white a-shirt and his white boxers with red polka dots. Eddy has pink skin, a yellow/green tongue, three strands of hair, his eye color is recognized to be blue.

Young EddyEdit

In "Every Which but with Ed", Eddy was seen in his young toddler-like-form. Eddy still wears his normal yellow shirt and wore a diaper,  Eddy wore a cream and green propeller beanie and a buck tooth. 

Old EddyEdit

In "Take this Ed and Shove It" Eddy was seen as a bad-tempered old man, Eddy still wears his yellow shirt and his room is retro-styled, his zit on his head sort of grew back.