Eddy's Brother is Eddy's elder sibling and the true main antagonist of the Ed, Edd n Eddy's movie Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show. He was previously an unseen character which his room was mentioned and revealed by Eddy.


Eddy's Brother was fist appeared to be a kind, benevolent and generous man until then he turned out to be a mean, sadistic and violent thug attacking Eddy by throwing him at the ball like a deflecting tennis ball and then picking on him, Edd then tried to teach him lesson but he gave him a grimacing smile and then hit him with Eddy after saying "I love you girlfriend" and then "You got spunk", He kept attacking Eddy until Ed launched with Eddy holding on to it and the door slammed him and made him out cold saying "Ow! Uncle". It's implied that he taught Eddy how to scam and it was part of the reason for Eddy's negative personality traits.


Eddy's Brother has a small beard on his chin and has red bags on his eyes. Eddy's Brother wears a red jacket with black plaid stripes and grey dots, he also wears a yellow jersey shirt with a neckline and number 62 colored light blue, brownish grey shorts, all goes well with bottle green tinted sunglasses with a white frame and white and grey shoes. Eddy's Brother has golden tooth and also wears a brown cap.