Elevation Boots are one of the platform shoes invented by Edd to Eddy make show off the Kids how tall can he be and get revenge on them for making fun of his height, but The Kanker Sisters destroyed the shoes, Lee snatched the remote from Edd and tampered with it causing the boots to malfunction, Marie and May made the boots go higher with Ed and Edd, Lee kicked the accordion and the boots finally collapsed, the boots were later repaired for the garage sale and destroyed again by Ed.

Table BiographyEdit

Builder: Edd

Materials: Boots (shoes), 2 accordions (platforms), Bands (Straps)

Year Introduced: March 21 2010 in "The Pinch to Grow an Ed"

Destroyed: March 21 2010 in "The Pinch to Grow an Ed", June 29 2010 in "In Like Ed".