Jimmy is a timid, girly stuff playing loving and weak kid. He is stereotypical crybaby who wishes to become famous, strong and muscular. He is best friends with Sarah . Jimmy is seemingly afraid of the Eds (usually Eddy ) when it comes to them trying to do harm on him or scamming him.


Jimmy is quite wimpy, timid and weak. Jimmy talks in a squeaky way. Jimmy has a true wish to become strong and muscular.


Jimmy is paled-skinned with curly hair matching his skin color. Jimmy is seen wearing a cyan colored sweater, white trousers, black belt with a buckle and dark brown shoes. Jimmy also wears a brace ring like the rest of the Cartoon Network characters. In winter he wears a medium blue sweater and a dark magenta button-up fur coat and light brown hat, his tongue is mauve/violet colored.

About his BirthdayEdit

Jimmy was born in the Summer, the Kids were having a good time, the adds have infiltrated the party and ruined the party when Eddy slammed the Jawbreaker Vapor Bomb and destroyed Jimmy's house.