Jonny 2x4 is a typical loner with his peers to be a nuisance. Jonny has a large bald head which he gets by tree banches when climbing. Jonny is oftenly seen carrying his imaginary friend which is a piece of wood with drawn eyes and mouth named Plank.


Jonny wears a white T shirt, dark demin colored jeans and black sandals. Jonny's skin has darker tones like Rolf (Paled for occassions in websites, games and artwork), Jonny's hair color is recognized to be brown, Jonny is oftelny seen with a green colored tongue (Baby pink on ocasions in websites, games and artwork), in winter Jonny wears a burnt white sweater and a red plaid coat.

Caring about PlankEdit

Jonny is very overprotective to Plank, he hates when people try to separate Plank from him.


Jonny is typically annoying, he seems to be innocent and gullible.