Kevin's Bike was a bike owned by Kevin. It appeared in every almost episodes.

Table BiographyEdit

Builder: Peach Creek's Bicycle Manufacturing Company.

Owner: Kevin

Crew: 1 biker

Capacity: 2 people

Year Introduced: January 31st 2010 in "The Ed Touchables"

Destroyed: July 27 2010 in "Fair Ed" (after Ed being chased by Eddy bumping to it and sending it to the lamp post when Kevin taking Nazz a ride), August 11 2010 in "Pain in the Ed (by the sour notes from Ed's violin causing the wheels to squiggle), October 31 2010 in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw (after being thrown by Ed to the ground bouncing in an attempt to shoot eggs at the Eds and bounced it, temporarily rebuilt Kevin declared payback), November 6 and 7 2010 (partly damaged after the crash to the orchid crash after colliding with the swarm of bugs, finally destroyed by Marie using May to stop Kevin letting the bike crash into the wall)