Baron O Beef Dip: Ed's clay model monster.

Bob: The traffic cone with the face like Plank.

Double G: The egg replacement of Edd.

Eddo: Eddy's puppet who likes Eddy.

Evil Tim: The monster from Ed's comic book.

Jib: Ed's invisible imaginary friend.

Jim: Edd's pet cactus.

Mr. Sun: The minor character seen in Jimmy's dream world.

Mr. Yum Yum: Originally a stuffed rabbit but is now a teddy bear.

Plank's Parents: The parents of Plank.

Polly Poo Poo: Sarah's pink doll.

Salty Sam: The boot puppet.

Santa Claus: The minor character delivering presents.

Wolf: Rolf's sworn enemy.

Yeshmiyek: The goddess which Rolf's believes in for Christmas.

The Kanker Sisters' Babies: The descendants of The Kanker Sisters.