Sarah is a bossy, spoiled, harassing loving and violent kid. She plays as Ed's baby sister and Eddy's rival. Sarah enjoys writing her diaries about Edd and enjoys snitching Ed. Sarah evenly shows her contempt on Eddy or anyone (like Jonny), Eddy dislikes her too. Eddy and Sarah hate each other with detestment.


Sarah is Ed's bossy, hot headed, aggressive and spoiled little sister. Sarah enjoys tormenting the Eds. Sarah likes to play with Jimmy all day. Sarah makes her disguise with her cute and sweet personality.


Sarah wears a salmon colored crop top, blue jeans and hot pink shoes. Sarah has ginger colored hair, apricot skin, a purple colored tongue, thick lips. In winter she wears a light blue sweater with flowers on strings and also wears a purple coat with magenta colored markings and purple hat.