The Kanker Sisters are a family of sisters in Ed, Edd n Eddy. They have a crush on the Eds and are bullies of Peach Creek attacking everyone in the Cul-De-Sac.


Lee: A de-facto leader of the Kanker Sisters who has a crush on Eddy. Lee spends time thinking about being married to Eddy.

Marie: An arrogant member of the Kanker Sisters who has a crush on Edd. Marie spends time thinking about being married to Edd.

May: The dumbest member of The Kanker Sisters who has a crush on Ed. May spends time thinking being married to Ed.


Lee: Lee has red curly hair which covers her three eyed gene. Lee has a pink colored tongue, freckles and paled skin. Lee has poor dental care due having a blue tooth and her rest of her teeth are yellow, Lee wears a white tank top with red polka dots and a yellow neckband attached to it, she also wears light blue jeans, all goes well with a pink belt, golden earrings and blue shoes.

Marie: Marie has short blue hair covering her right eye covered by an eyepatch which was possibly that her eye might be blind. Marie has a blue eyeshadow on her left eye, Marie wears a black sleeveless shirt, army green BDU pants, pink belt and black shoes, Marie has a coral colored tongue.

May:May wears a grey T shirt, red shorts, pink belt and dark brown shoes. May wears a blonde wig and she has a buck tooth, and a reddish pink tongue.

Kanker Sisters' MotherEdit

The Kanker Sisters' mother is unseen but was mentioned by the sisters in some episodes, the mom intentionally dislikes men, due to the fact that men are wild.